About Simon’s Community Gardens

In just it’s third growing season Simon Green Acre has produced more than 4,000 pounds of food collectively. More than 80 per cent of that food has been shared with community service agencies, and church food banks. Even better, Simon’s Green Acre has not only attracted gardening partners, but student organizations from WSSU as well.

It is amazing how much you can accomplish in two hours when you have a small group of people working together. Several plots were cleared and 22.5 pounds of produce were harvested. Conversation included a recipe exchange and memories of grandma’s garden. Plans are underway to follow-up a future gardening day with a cooking demonstration. Our youngest volunteer, 4-year old Olivia White, reminded us all of what it’s like to be young and excited. What a great learning experience for her. Volunteers of all ages are welcome.

Our regular work schedule officially begins on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 9 a.m. After you sign up with your contact information (email and phone number) you will be updated schedule changes and meeting dates. Currently, Simon’s Green Acre meets Wednesdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm; Saturdays 9am – 11am.

Sign-up your group or organization to volunteer today.

Sigrid Hall
Phone: 336-750-3148
Email: halls@wssu.edu

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